Friday, December 30, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gingerbread House Success!

We participated in "Christmas Under the Stars". Our booth was by far the cutest booth and highly popular.  The recycled cardboard, paint, lights and wood, clamps cost less than 35.00 all together. The main expense was the candycane lights that we found for 20.00, and the 2x4's.  Our free activity was allowing people to use their camera phones so kids would take pics in front of our booth, and we had free "Letters to Santa", which they would then place in the little (Valentine's recycled) Mailbox.  It was an adventure for the smaller kids to come find the mailbox.  We also sold popcorn (with 15 flavors) and small Christmas snacks.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Door Decorating Contest Ideas

Here are so WAY cute ideas that were at Family Services Center.  The fire on the first phone has lights hooked into it and flash off and on.

Photo Booth for Parties



What an excellent, inexpensive and fun idea!!!  I used the concept of the polaroid frame and added a Christmas message.  This was made from foamboard.  The mustache props were also cut out from foamboard and glued to popcicle sticks or tiny dowel sticks.  Our party goers all had a go with this fun free memorable photo booth.  The backdrop can be from curtains, or in our case wrapping paper, which you can get really cheap right after Christmas.  Great for birthdays, retirement parties, weddings, showers.  Another idea is using speech bubbles on foamboard covered with chalkboard paint, and party goers can add their own messages.  Mustaches can be found on a google search.