Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Texas Country Reporter News

Well, I finished my television interview last week. They were at my studio for 5 hours. The piece will air some time in October 2008.

What fun!! What a great team of guys. When they left, I literally passed out from exhaustion. Ironically, they left me, and headed towards west Texas where the skyline is full of wind towers. Earlier that day, when the discussion of wind towers were brought up, I started rambling off wind tower statistics. As I told them, being at Texas State Technical College West Texas for seven years, and being the college recruiter knowing all of those statistics is part of my job.

It was fun. I am afraid I will probably look like a complete dork, but I guess that is everyone's fear when being on television.

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Texas Library Lady said...

YOU, a dork...YEAH! Love ya though! :)