Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer is Slow

Wow.....as busy as I am, summer is slow for me. I am so busy doing everything else, I seem to have little time for my jewelry right now, which only puts me under more pressure knowing I need to be focused on that. I will eventually get it all balanced out again.

I have almost everything ready for the Texas Country Reporter Fair to be held October 25 in Waxahachie. I am going with a shabby chic theme/roses/antique/silver (slash slash slash) lol. I hope it will look great. I see the picture in my head (scary thought), but I am confident it will all be fine. I have a great team of friends and family that have volunteered to assist me that day. Now I have also heard that some of my volunteers are planning on shopping too, not sure how that is gonna work out, but I have some duct tape and rope packed if the situtation calls for it.

I have this massive check list for the fair, once I find that massive check list I will be able to add more items to take, and keep all things in order. I am beginning to think I need to put the check list on my computer that way I will know where it is at (wink).

I am kicking around some other art fairs. If you know of any, please shoot me an email.

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