Monday, September 29, 2008


My television piece aired on Texas Country Reporter this past weekend. Some people were able to see it, some (such as myself) had their DVR set up to record TCR and got an older version of one of their other shows. I am not sure if the DVR "knows" that I wasn't home since I was taping it, and therefore will have to buy one of my Just seems to me, that anyone that wasn't home, and DVR'd that show, got an older show taped. sigh. Anyways, the piece was fantastic. The camera shots were fantastic. I have a huge gear clock that all the gears move. I kept trying to move the gear clock, I felt it was in the camera man's way. After seeing the finished piece (at my cousin's house) I understand why he wouldn't let me move it. It will be on later. They have alot of their older shows on it. The show highlighted my pocket watch collages, and how I make them. It was very flattering for me.

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