Thursday, November 17, 2011

My new addictions

Whew!! Long time off!! I forgot I even had this blog.....
I have become a new addict to a couple of things on the internet:

  1. Pinterest...yes, that is and so many of my "pins" come back to blogs. If you love to surf the internet, this is one place where all of those things come together. You build a "board" which is basically like a file, and you add certain things you like in each board. When you put them in your board this is called "repin" or "pinning". In other words, you take what someone else has found and pin it into your board. If you are familiar with Tumblr, its like that idea, only different.

  2. Tumblr: I love tumblr!! Great for quotes, pictures, ideas etc. It's all about retumbling what you find.

  3. Facebook. Need I say more?

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